Glenwood Primary School

Caring for Children


P7 Willis has been involved in trialling a new resource created to help deliver financial capability and entrepreneurship.

Glenwood, alongside 3 other schools in Italy, Spain and Turkey, have been learning lots about managing money, saving money, budgeting including money saving techniques, currency, wants and needs, bank cards and accounts, frauds and scams and charities. This involved lots of research on ipads and discussions with parents set as homeworks.  A visit from a bank employee from the Ulster Bank included a budgeting task on planning a party.

The children are currently working through the entrepreneurship unit with the support of Young Enterprise. This has included a local businessman, Mark from the Foundary Café, visiting the children in class to help explore personal qualities needed in business. The children were then invited to The Foundary, where they got to see first-hand the running of a business and even got to make shortbread!