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Maths Week 15th – 19th October, 2018

25 October 2018 (by admin)

The children in Glenwood worked really hard during maths week exploring patterns, solving problems and exploring maths all around them.

This week helped the children to realise the fun in Maths and see how relevant it is in the world around us.
A big thank you to the children who took photographs showing how maths exists in their everyday life.
Some notable events included;
• the P6 classes visiting the MAC Theatre to see an exciting show about Maths and Science.
• the P4 classes visiting Stranmillis University to watch Bubblz, the mathematical clown.
• P6 and P7 classes had fun using IZAK 9 cubes to explore mathematical concepts and language.
• P7 Willis explored mathematical concepts within the school using QR codes
• P7McDaid did a math’s trail around the outside of the school
• The P5 classes had great fun solving maths’ puzzles both outside and in large hall.
• Game24 Tournament for P6 and P7

Follow the link to our website for more pictures.